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Blister Packets
The Tube Gear packet display has been the market leader in the commercial spares industry for many years now. The display is designed to keep stock clean and to make identification easy, each blister pack is labelled with our part number and a full description of contents as well as a QA number for full traceability. The plastic blister packs, which are mounted on heavy gauge colour coded backing cards, are an ideal way to promote an add on sale in any counter or workshop area. They are even used on delivery vans to maximise sales potential. The colour coded packs are strong enough to withstand persistent opening and closing unlike other many plastic versions on the market. Our versatile display systems which will fit any wall, counter or floor area space available are an essential requirement for any serious parts distributor.
Wall Racks
The wall racks consist of rows of hooks which have eight product hooks per row. The rows clip together forming any length of display necessary, each hook holds about 4 medium Tube Gear blister packs, display can start small and build up as demand increases. The design of the rows means they can fit on any suitably static wall space or end of racking bin face, they will even fit into the back of delivery vans as the hooks have turned up ends to prevent product falling off in transit.
Product Displays
The carousel is a display with 96 hooks on a rotating stand which makes the carousel ideal to place in front of counter areas so customers can peruse the products whilst waiting at counters.

Maxi-stor & Assorted boxes
We have placed all our popular ranges of fittings and accessories in both the maxi-stor and assorted box ranges to assist you in gaining extra sales. The maxi-stor is designed as a mini stock package for any customer, in a heavy duty PVC case with fully labelled up lids for easy reordering.

The assorted boxes are designed as an impulse buy incentive for any customer wanting a fast economical solution to brake down protection, ideal to be carried in any cab.

Maxi-Stor Boxes
Assorted Box
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